10 Must Go Destinations and Hidden Gems of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is gigantic and you can’t finish it in one day. So without mumbo-jumbo let’s enumerate the places that you must go and see to make the most out of your adventure trip in Yellowstone and get to experience what it has to offer.

Here’s the TOP 10 on our list in any order. See the Map here for guide.

  1. Old Faithful Geyser – you’ve never been to Yellowstone if you won’t see Old Faithful. It erupts every 90 mins.
  2. Grand Prismatic Spring ( Midway Geyser Basin) – come here early because it gets packed and the board walk has limited space.
  3. Fountain Paint Pot (Lower Geyser Basin) – Parking is limited here.
  4. Norris Geyser Basin – Sulphur smell is really strong here due to abundance of fumaroles
  5. Mammoth Hot Springs – Take time to go around the loop to see different hot spring landscapes
  6. Lamar Valley – The hub of Bisons and Wildlife.
  7. Canyon Village – This is the center and meeting place of all. They have the Lodge, Visitor Center, Cafeteria, Restaurant, General Store and so much more.
  8. Roosevelt Arch North Entrance – it borders Montana, about 5 miles from Mammoth Hot Springs

The last two on the list are hidden swimming/wading spots with cold and hot springs that’s not really promoted or even mentioned in the map. Please don’t tell them we spread the good news!

9. Boiling River – Mostly for wading- cold and hot springs meet here. You can either sit on the hot or cold spring but most try to be somewhere in between. This is located a little over 3 miles past Mammoth Hot Springs towards the North Entrance( Gardiner, Montana). There are no big signs on the road. If you are driving from Mammoth Hot Springs you will see an opening on your left for a picnic area and parking lot before the bridge. There are parking lots on both sides of the road. The entrance to the boiling river is on the right. There is a trail that leads to the river about half a mile walk.

10. Firehole Swimming Area – for swimming and wading. Deeper than Boiling River and only cold Spring. On the Map, look for Firehole Canyon Drive under Madison. It’s in the back road after Firehole Falls. The road is one way and you will see the swimming area sign on the road. The water is cold but offers a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

Sue Dfernz

Sue Dfernz

I'm a Christian. Wife. Practical Vegan. Outdoor & Travel Junkie. Co-Founder of Adventures Hub. I love creating inspirational visual arts thru words and phrases. Traveling and being outdoors inspire me a lot. I am currently on a quest to drive the 50 states camping, backpacking, and exploring national landmarks with my husband and our travel buddy Bucky.
Sue Dfernz
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