Photogenic Cities

These cities are just camera-ready no matter where you look. They offer variety of areas to take photos with interesting angles, views, colors and so much more. Not only that, you can do so many things on these cities if you uncover the gems hidden.

Chattanooga, TN

Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge- a.k.a. ``The Walking Bridge``- world's longest pedestrian bridge


  • Be sure to check the weather because you will be walking a 2,376 feet bridge( .45 mile)
  • Remember to wear a comfortable walking shoes/footwear
  • There’s several parking before the bridge on the south end
  • There are several places to eat around the area
  • You can rent a bicycle if you don’t wanna walk located the southend of the bridge
  • Weekends especially are the most crowded days
  • Look at the schedule of events before you go ( sometimes they close the area for big events)
  • It’s now dog friendly
  • For more information visit Chattanooga website here
Sue Dfernz

Sue Dfernz

I'm a Christian. Wife. Practical Vegan. Outdoor & Travel Junkie. Co-Founder of Adventures Hub. I love creating inspirational visual arts thru words and phrases. Traveling and being outdoors inspire me a lot. I am currently on a quest to drive the 50 states camping, backpacking, and exploring national landmarks with my husband and our travel buddy Bucky.
Sue Dfernz
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