Utensils – for Backpackers, Hikers, and Campers

Car camping or Van Camping, or even RV Camping do not consider their cookware’s utensils weight and space as very important, but for us who spent our nights and hikes on the backcountry find the weight and the space essential. Since we rarely front camping or what we consider car camping, we prefer to have our wilderness backpacking comfortable and lighter. Here, we can enjoy our time and extend our mileage.

We’ve decided to buy the Toaks Spork a combination spoon and fork which are sometimes referred as “Foons” as our main utensils. We use it as a stirrer, spatula, or a whisk.

Utensil’s buying forethought:

1) Weight

2) Space

3) Strenght or Durability-

a. Plastic Рcheap but breaks easily and not good for cooking

b. Iron – strong but heavy and will rust through time and conducts heat

c. Stainless Steel – strong but heavy and not uneven heat

d. Aluminum or mixture of coatings Р affordable but bends and dents easily and corrodes through time

e. Titanium – expensive but the lightest and strong and resistant to corrosion

4) Price

5) Customer Reviews

Sue Dfernz

Sue Dfernz

I'm a Christian. Wife. Practical Vegan. Outdoor & Travel Junkie. Co-Founder of Adventures Hub. I love creating inspirational visual arts thru words and phrases. Traveling and being outdoors inspire me a lot. I am currently on a quest to drive the 50 states camping, backpacking, and exploring national landmarks with my husband and our travel buddy Bucky.
Sue Dfernz
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